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DMKC Advisory Services is a fee-based SEC registered investment advisor providing investment management services to a broad range of clients. DMKC Advisory Services is owned by its parent company D.M. Kelly & Company, an independent Des Moines, Iowa based brokerage firm.

DMKC Institutional Services was formed with the goal of providing institutions with the same exceptional services our retail customers experience. Having an in-house trading department allows us to obtain competitive bids for our clients and offer an accessible channel of dealer contacts.

Our Products

Investments recommended by D.M. Kelly & Company offer specific advantages for our clients. Depending on your current tax status and investment goals, your D.M. Kelly & Company representative will discuss which types of investments are right for you. The following are some types of investments that help make up a typical D.M. Kelly & Company portfolio.



Equities, or common stocks, represent ownership in publicly-traded corporations.  Investors in equities have the potential to receive dividend payments, as well as appreciation in share price, which can serve as a hedge against inflation over time.  D.M. Kelly & Company focuses on companies that have what we consider solid fundamentals and a strong commitment to their shareholders.  To learn more about dividend-paying stocks, please click here

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds provide investors access to a professionally-managed collection of stocks, bonds, or both inside a single investment.  D.M. Kelly & Company places emphasis on mutual funds with proven track records and below-average expenses.  A collection of mutual funds can create a diversified portfolio on their own, or can be used as a compliment to a portfolio of individual stocks and fixed income securities.

Government Bonds

Government-issued debt is the safest form of debt you can own because it’s backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government. T-Bonds and T-Notes are exempt from state and local taxes and are a stable source of fixed income for your portfolio.

Municipal Bonds

Free from federal taxes, municipal bonds pay interest while supporting the infrastructure of local communities. In addition, certain municipal bonds may also be exempt from state and local taxes. These characteristics make municipal bonds ideal for investors in higher tax brackets who may benefit from tax-exemption.

Corporate Bonds

Corporate bonds generally have higher yields than government bonds because they are not backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government and are issued by individual corporations. D.M. Kelly & Company specializes in bonds with investment grade ratings. D.M. Kelly & Company registered representatives are constantly researching and purchasing bonds which will provide our customers with the right balance of security and return.


Issued by banks and FDIC insured, certificates of deposit provide D.M. Kelly & Company accounts with added diversity and security. CDs are available in a variety of interest configurations including fixed, stepped, variable or zero coupon. Your D.M. Kelly & Company registered representative will help you determine which type of CD would best compliment your portfolio.